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Kitchen Rocking - 20.05.2016

The macig chocolate ball

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Success is a byproduct of fun

Last year I couldn't take part in all the races I wantet because of some injury. So this year I started at the "20 km de Lausanne" I would have loved to run last year. But as I'm not that trained, I was "only" running the 10 km race. I did not have any special goal, just wantet to run the race... I've not been runing many times this spring and not very fast (see below). 

It was a nice event. From sun to snow we had everything, I enjoyed it very much. ... and I was running without thinking about the time. So I was very surprised when I was reaching the finishing line in around 1 hour! Wow yes!!! 


Success is a byproduct of fun.

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Life is

I think to write about life - this could become an endless blog. There are so many aspects... Life has so many colours.

My life was/is not always great. But which one is it?

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It doesn't matter how fast...

Last year I had a training schedule to prepare myself for the Gigathlon. I went running 3 times a week. I became faster and faster, the distances longer and longer. Suddenly I was running 10 km under 1 hour, even the Kerzerslauf under 1 h 30 min. Wow it was so great!

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